Tossed and Driven by Wind and Wave

But, let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. James 1:16 ESV

                A friend of mine was dropping off an item that I had ordered.  I was at the market that day.  It was crowded, people milled about up and down the vendor aisle looking for unique and interesting items.  I saw them entering from the far side.  They scanned the area and stepped further into the pavilion.  I waved my hand above my head; still they did not see me. I stepped out from behind my table and waved.  I walked out into the aisle, waved both hands. 

                By the end, I was standing in the middle of the pavilion waving both hands wildly in the air and all but screaming their name above the din of customer conversation.  I am sure I looked ridiculous jumping about while yelling.  

 Do you ever feel like that when you are praying?

                I have a confession, that is how I have been feeling for the last month or maybe longer.  Like I am wildly waving and yelling………into thin air. For some reason, I cannot seem to get God’s attention.  These feelings have really wrecked my nerves, my sleep and I spend a good portion of time in doubt and worry.  I was expressing these feelings to a friend.

                “I am obedient and praying and still God does nothing.”  I whined into the phone.

                “You cannot say that God is not doing anything.  You do not know what he is doing behind the scenes for you. Where is your faith?” They responded sternly.

                They were right.  How do I know what God is or is not doing?  How many times have I been witness to and recipient of His Hand at work in my and other lives?  

                God works in His time at His pace and in His perfect wisdom and will.  James 1:16 instructs us to ask in faith, not doubt.  We must ask in faith and then stand firm in belief as we wait.  And hanging on to faith, especially now, seems a feat beyond man.  However, without faith, we are lost.  Tossed and driven by wind and wave.

                Do not allow doubt to loosen your grip.  We are in a storm in this period of history. We are all being tested in one way or another.  All of us face storms that cannot be survived without a firm grip on faith. Every day seems as froth with problems and worries as the day before. It can at times test your strength to just get out of bed.  I understand your feelings. You are not alone in your struggle to maintain.  I am growing weary myself.  However, feelings are not real but a response to situations. Relying on our feelings give swell to panic, doubt, dread, and fear. We simply cannot lose our grip and allow ourselves to be tossed about by wind and wave.

                Hold firm to faith. 

                Typist for Jesus

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