It’s all in the Timing

“Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” (Psalm 27:14)

I have a schedule in the mornings.  I let out the dogs and the chickens, start the coffee, get in the shower and so on.  I leave at precisely 7:15am.  No earlier or later because from where I live that puts me in lesser traffic by the time I reach town. Today however my eldest came by with my grandbaby.  The day care was closed so my other daughter had agreed to watch her. So of course, we talked she had coffee the grand needed some attention and I obliged.  By the time my daughter left I was running well behind my schedule. And that irritated me….a lot. 

              We all have our little rituals, schedules, list and plans and we do not like them messed with by anyone. So, when God has a different idea or an alternate plan for us, we do not always accept it so easily. I am not a patient person. Once I make up my mind to do something, I want to do it now. I find myself in trouble quite often with that attitude.

              Waiting on the Lord and trusting his timing is not easy. However, the Lord can see your future because after all before you were born, he had a plan for your life. God knows what is coming and he knows what is best for you.

              When researching a verse to go with this story, I choose Psalm 27:14.  I choose it not just because it fit but mostly because first the writer begins and ends the sentence with “wait on the Lord” and second because it is ended with an exclamation point. Obviously our writer knew we needed to be told not once but twice to wait. Waiting on the Lord is not easy, and it does take courage. Courage to ignore the nagging whispers, whispers of doubt and fear. Courage to not listen to other people. Courage to simply wait.

              Now is the time to be trusting God, listening, and courageously waiting on the Lord. Be patient and trust that his timing is the best for you. It is all in the timing. His timing places us exactly where and when we should be to achieve his Will in not just our lives but others that he has strategically placed in our paths. Whether we want to be or even realize it, God’s plans are not just for us but others as well. Our friends, family, children and even strangers are influenced by us.

              Is there a decision in your life right now that you are struggling with? Trust in the Lord to guide you in this decision. Pray for direction. Look expectantly for his answer.

              Wait for the Lord!

              Typist for Jesus

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