Are You Still on the Bottle?

For someone who lives on milk is still an infant and doesn’t know how to do what is right. Hebrews 5:13

Recently, a tree fell on my daughter’s apartment building.  So she and my 11 month old granddaughter moved in my tiny abode.  Honestly, I am loving it.  I come home and she runs to me in her walker, hands lifted and smile on her little cherub face.  It’s a good feeling after a long day at work. Since they have settled in, I have noticed that my daughter is still giving my granddaughter several bottles a day. I asked her about it.  Why wasn’t she introducing more solid foods? She was quick to tell me that she was afraid of the baby choking and felt more at ease with baby food and the bottle.  I assured her I understood her fear but babies develop teeth so that they can eat.  I gave the baby a cracker.  My daughter freaked out.  I stopped her from taking it back.  “Watch.” I said.  The baby bit and then using her gums and teeth began to chew and mash her food. “You see,” I said softly. “She’s fine.  She has teeth and she has an instinct to chew.  God has given her the necessary tools to move past milk only.”  

The New Testament speaks about baby Christians. No one becomes born again and then suddenly they have all the answers and know all the mysteries.  Instead, Christians must begin on spiritual milk and graduate to spiritual meat to grow in Christ. How do we mature in Christ? By living out His Word.

If you are still subsisting on the milk alone you are stunting your growth in Christ. The New Year brings with it a new beginning and challenges.  Why not make this year the year you move from milk to meat.  It is the perfect time to begin a new Bible study or a Bible reading plan.  Maybe you can become a driver for challenging spiritual study in your family, church or group of friends. 

            Will you stay on the bottle? Or are you ready for the meat.

            Typist for Jesus

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